Spikey Wikey – Loudmouth VIP | Dubstep

Louder! Louder! Louder, is the sentiment of this recent release from the proficient producer/musician Spikey Wikey. Acting as a VIP for a former piece by him, this piece, once again, reaches the boundaries of connection between sound design and rhythm. Heavy dynamics and a subtle yet familiar and fluttery voice also contribute to the utter sleaze of this tunage. Dirty and hard is this dubstep track, yet it’s not absent of melodies in its second half. The original piece from which this sick number was made is a tune inspired by the classic two-step psychedelic dubstep style, yet this variation finds a way to modernize that ditty into a cutting-edge definition of dubstep. This is truly the intent of a remix, to transform something into something else entirely whilst retaining its image. Also, be sure to keep a look out for Spikey Wikey’s upcoming EP, Wavetable Wizard, which this tune originates from.

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