MirroredReality – Discordant | Psytrance

Today we’ve got ourselves an amazing Psytrance track by MirroredReality. This song is all about Discord, and boy does it encapsulate the feeling you have if you think about what the God of Chaos could do. The song starts out surprisingly upbeat and builds up that feeling, as if it wants to fool you into a false sense of happiness, then slowly adds creepier elements until it calms down again, this time fully embracing the Psytrance vibe while building up again, and then the drop happens. The chorus has a rather upbeat melody but fills it with chilling synths to really create an awesome contrast. After the beat calms down again, it once more embraces the chilling vibe until it changes the beat to a similar sounding oriental style that slowly builds up and gives us another chorus, but this time it sounds different; the more upbeat melody is gone and is replaced by more chilling trance tunes. After that, for the big finale, both choruses are combined to really drive home the chilling atmosphere.
This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him.

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