RedSpark – Starlight’s Revenge | Electro

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely Electro tune from Red Spark. This Starlight-themed track starts out with a lovely Electro beat that is going to be stuck inside your head for days. After that the beat changes and a catchy melody joins in and is supported by a buildup leading into a drop, and oh boy, the drop is going to put you on your hooves dancing! Starlight’s subtlety evil laugh heralds the shift in beat, this one even catchier than the one before. After you’ve danced your heart out, the track calms down for a bit while still maintaining its awesomeness with the beat returning to it’s beginning form. The beat again changes until it returns to another build up, and finally with another evil Starlight laugh the chorus comes back, and you once more feel yourself dancing until the song ends.
This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him.

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