Japkozjad – Stars | Chillstep

Another musician the needs some eyes on them. I got you covered Japkozjad!

How about a track about just enjoying a peaceful and chill moment of a quiet night under the stars, just entranced after a pretty hectic day of activities? You grab some cider and a blanket, maybe invite some friends and just enjoy a moment of peace with how the stars are. The melodies are so enchanting and full of wonder, and those elements are mixed so dang well. The soft keynotes, that rolling wubbing, the finger snaps, the flow of the bassline, those harmonics, all just righteous dude! If you need a track to just think about something deep, this is your track, my friends. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

(You can find him also at his Facebook page here)


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