[VibePoniez] Bumpy Beats – Hypnosis | Chillstep

After listening to VibePoniez: Homework, this track can go under the radar with the rest of the names on this album, but I promise you that this track is a diamond in the rough, trust me. This track is put simply, how ponies, or us bronies, can be entranced with such emotional music; the title says it all. I hear future bass elements, but it is slowed down and so chill and relaxing, yet you still could just move to this song. The bass and sweet vocals and the lo-fi type elements mixed in is so fun, the composition is well done; so much vibe and body in this tune. Don’t sleep on this track. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

One thought on “[VibePoniez] Bumpy Beats – Hypnosis | Chillstep

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