Ice Angel – Reunify Once More | Progressive House

Today we’ve got ourselves another song in celebration of the 10th anniversary, this time from the talented Ice Angel. The song starts out with a chord progression so lovely it will knock you off your feet, which is quickly built upon in an awesome way. Instead of a drop where you might expect one we’re met with another beat and even more awesome buildup, and this time we get to hear the awesome, breathtaking drop that is sure to make your head bob along. Then suddenly everything stops and makes way for an awesome piano solo. All of a sudden this House track turns into an epic orchestral piece which is sure to hype you up as the beat starts once more and builds up similarly until the synth changes, giving the whole song a feeling of a journey, a journey filled with awesomeness and unexpected adventures from start to finish. For the end the piano takes over again. My first reaction after listening to this song was to sit in silent for a solid minute until just letting out a single “wow”. Nothing more needs to be said. Go listen to the song!

This article was proofread by thecanderson, so big thanks to him!

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