Toby Macarony – Accursed Magic | Alternate Electronic

Welcome to the party! Don’t worry–I’m sure that Pinkie’s friends were already like that when she found them. Finally, someone has addressed the need for more “dark western trap” (frankly a criminally underrepresented genre)! What’s great about this track (apart from being perfect for making your friends and family worry about your music listening habits) is how it takes elements found elsewhere on the “Shenanigans Two” album and twists them to serve its unsettling narrative. Choirs, synths, and distortion used to evoke wonder or adventure on other tracks create a foreboding atmosphere. The guitar that was a hero on “Chiptune Train” plays its last, tortured notes before never being heard from again. The grooving bass line, introduced after the instrumental opening, pairs with dark chimes to create a twisted music box melody. When joined by the guitar and ominous harmonica, it creates an amazing effect, completing Toby Macarony’s latest masterful layering of unlikely accompanying elements. The song jangles, rattles, and scratches its way to its dark conclusion as the light fades along with your hopes of escaping a terrible fate. All of this works amazingly well with the video, which in turn burns, wavers, and pulses to the music to great effect. To borrow from another Toby Macarony album title, this is grim, dark, and groovy stuff.


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