[Equinity] Night Blaze – Moontown | Orchestral

When we reviewed Equinity 03: Breach, we said there were so many really good and different tracks. This is one of them. After a few listens I realized this track went way under the radar; knowing what this track is about now, it’s fantastic. The theme is all about Night Blaze’s theory on the origins of the bat ponies and how this song can be is just fascinating!  Them living and building a kingdom on the moon with the help of Princess Luna and learning to live their lives with night dragons… Just wow! (Not going to give everything away, the story is in the video description.) This track paints that picture of the kingdom of bat ponies with elements used like the piano, orchestral horns, violins and basses. Some awesome electronic harmonics are sprinkled in too to give this wondrous feeling of a thriving kingdom much like Equestria, (does this hint that Luna wasn’t evil; why as Nightmare Moon in her banishment?) and there is even a pretty epic guitar used with the score, and through this track you hear the bat ponies singing out in harmony as they are thankful for the help of the princess of the night. This is an amazing track that gives any fan of the bat ponies some joy, but the song however doesn’t explain why bat ponies have an addiction to mangos however, LOL. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. 

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