JayB & Giggly Maria – Rain (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

Whirly Tail has done it again, taking an absolute classic and giving it a magnificent Hardcore spin, creating a remix that is both true to the original and a legitimate original take. If you haven’t listened to the JayB and Giggly Maria original version, then please check it out! It’s a masterpiece that creates an amazing, enveloping atmosphere, and there is such a wonderful harmony between the music and vocals. I wish that more producers cared about melding a song together like this. What Whirly Tail does so well in this remix is to add urgency to the song, and the more percussive nature of this version shifts the listener into the storm itself. The vocals are now disrupted by the rain drops, the melody is caught in the deluge, and the song’s drops and choruses surge with electricity. The singer’s wish for rain has been answered with a torrent, but it’s a welcome one, and there’s nothing to do but dance through it! As the song comes to a close and the storm recedes, you just might find yourself wishing for your own delightful downpour.

One thought on “JayB & Giggly Maria – Rain (Whirly Tail Remix) | Happy Hardcore

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