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The following article of Vibeponiez: HomeWork is a Horse Music Herald “All-Out-Attack!” Collab that is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Blackened Blue.
VibePoniez has returned with their second full-length album and third release overall, Homework! The album features 17 tracks from some of the fandom’s most talented and chilled-out electronic and lo-fi artists.

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(Start of Drake’s part)
So after writing that massive article for ASOS: Chocolate with my teammates, I wanted to cover something more light and chill. It just so happens that VibePoniez dropped their 3rd compilation album shortly after – on my 39th birthday! I brought my teammate and friend Blackened Blue along to cover this album. Now I know what you are thinking: “You’re both metalheads, you like the lighter side of brony music when you like high energy and heavy music?”

Of course! In fact, 2 metalheads showing their love for really chill and stylish music only enhances the appeal of this label! VibePoniez, whose founders are TheTaZe, Tv3Lv3 and Steryotype wanted to bring a different flavor to the music scene, and give bronies a high quality but easy listening experience. This album has some pretty good examples of that motto. Seventeen tracks of very smooth genres like lo-fi hip hop, psytrance, liquid drum and bass, house and even synthwave. These are some of the styles that are common to what VibePoniez is about: music to study, read or just relax to.

Myself and Blackened will showcase 5 tracks each that show why this album is the place to find that music you just need after a hard, stressful day. The talent on Homework ranges from known musicians in their natural elements, to some musicians that you probably didn’t know could make chill music, The whole album is very light and good for the soul. Music to which you can picture Celestia and Luna laying on the beach in their finest swimsuits drinking smoothies and enjoying the day.

(Drake’s Featured Five!)

– Burning Gryphon – Cafeteria Break (feat. Lavender Harmony) | Liquid Drum and Bass

Burning Gryphon isn’t just all about edgy rock and metal tracks. He can make extremely catchy tunes like this one! The tone is set with those really soft and moving tones, those really righteous drum beats, and man those really smooth harmonics! Imagine you’re a student at Twilight’s School of Friendship, and you’re in the courtyard eating breakfast with other students; The CMC (now adults) come out to your group and just start chilling with your friends and start telling stories of their adventures, and it fires you up to learn about friendship and find your path in life. Lavender Harmony throws in her talent of making the elements work and gives this track a nice polish by making the melodies stand out to get them flow, and BG then did the rest. A really nice feature on this album!

– Steryotype – ClassIn4Acts | Lo-Fi

Steryotype is the guy when it comes to making some of the most rad and chill music in the whole fandom. Leave it to him to make six minutes worth of relaxing and philosophical beats! It’s the kind of tune that makes you think deeply about life. The mood changes in such a deep and relatable way in 4 phases, creatively showing the range of different beats that Steryotype shows off. Those beats paired with some pretty insightful vocal chops make this track a mind-bender as you feel like you’re sitting in a classroom with the teacher going on with the lesson, and all you can think about is what’s going on with your life. It’s the longest track on the album and pretty solid.

– Tv3Lv3 – I’ve Lost My Pen | Lo-fi House

Can anyone name a composer that is not making such entertaining music right now? Over the past year, Tv3Lv3 has shown such a wide range of genres she can do and this track is no different. I’ve Lost My Pen sounds like something of old school Saturday Night Fever. We have these sounders with vocal chops of some pretty known video game characters grooving on the dance floor to this really awesome, throwback kind of track. The beat, the flow of the bass, and the melody are so dang fun that you are honestly on your feet and bursting out some stylish dance – moving and grooving disco style!  In the theme of the album, a group of ponies studying could be seen dancing to this track on a study break within Equestria.

– Greyfade – Love Letter | Lo-Fi

-This has to be one of my favorites on the album, hooves down! The melody is sooo dang full of passion and fire! This song sounds just like Shining Armor meeting a young Princess Cadance in high school (much like in the comics), and his courage of confessing his love for her and winning her over at the dance. This track is spicy! I tell you, that sax and that Mexican-style guitar really paints a picture of an attractive Cadance and handsome Shining Armor enjoying their moment at the dance, inspiring other stallions to go for it and tell the mare they like how they feel! Love Letter is some beautiful work done by Greyfade! With this track, I feel like I’m walking out of a dance with a hot mare at my side and a big red lipstick kiss mark on my cheek. Ahhh, high school love, this track sure captures that moment well.

That will be all from my end. I also think you should check out these other tracks as well; really just check all of Homework out – it’s such a relaxing album to listen to. Heck, you can game it as well!

-Canvas – About you
-Bumpy Beatz -Hypnosis

I turn this over to Blackened Blue; buddy – tell them why it’s cool for 2 metalheads like us to find this album so appealing! Take it away man.
(End of Drake’s part)

(Start of Blackened’s part)
With Drake’s part out of the way, here’s my selection of songs from the compilation that I enjoy! While every track on this album is great, I’m gonna be narrowing it down to just five.

(Blackened’s Featured Five!)

-Kyradeen – The Sun Sets (Tw3Lv3 Remix) | Liquid Drum & Bass

The second track comes from Tw3Lv3, with a liquid drum and bass remix of The Sun Sets by Kyradeen. There’s an amazing blend of soft and heavy elements here from the punchy drums to the ethereal piano and synths playing behind them. Definitely one of the compilation’s highlights!

-TheTaZe – A Summer Vibe | Lo-Fi

Track seven is a summer vibe by TheTaZe. This one dials up the chill vibes to a 10 with its lo-fi atmosphere. Everything here is so calming, and its short but sweet length washes over you, like a breeze on a boiling summer day.

-TheTaZe & Tw3Lv3 – Ramune | Lo-fi

Track 10 comes from TheTaZe again, this time with Tw3Lv3, and boy can their respective styles be heard on this one!  The drums are smooth and slow and the background melody gives off a street vibe. Really let your imagination run wild with this one.

-CAPT (Notion Pova) – i miss everypony (Cookie) | Lo-Fi

i miss everypony is such a big mood, especially considering the point in time we’re at right now. It really captures a feeling of solitude thanks to the sounds we expect from lo-fi and the soundclips from Pony Life drenched in reverb.

-The Empty Tomb – Fickle Love | Future Funk

Fickle Love comes in at track 14 with a nice change of pace. This one features a French House sound reminiscent of popular acts like Daft Punk. The funk is strong with this one, as evidenced by the guitar riff sample and 80s inspired synth riff.

And just like Drake’s done, here’s three more tracks I recommend!

-Polaris – Smile Sometimes

-Mr. Sunset (YOS) – Mir

-GrazySmash – Stray

Back to you, Drake.
(End of Blackened’s part)

You see now? VibePoniez: Homework is an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone. Make sure to give all these musicians some love for making such a fun and chill album. As always, this Qilin and this most metal of pegasi Blackened Blue, ask you to judge for yourself. We hope you enjoyed this “All-Out-Attack!” article. Until next time!


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