OnlyJustCrazy – Honest Ethics | Electro

Oh, we’ve got ourselves a very experimental track from OnlyJustCrazy with Applejack as the theme! This song is a love letter and funny way of showing love to the honest and strong AJ, with a large assortment of AJ vocal chops to please any fan with her charm and Applejack-isms. The melody has this beautiful and epic feel that gives AJ this amazing aura around her as a loved character. The vocal chops themselves are really integrated into the flow of the melody and the style of the bassline, and a track about AJ wouldn’t seem fitting without some good ol’ country guitar with the magic of FL stock sounds as OnlyJustCrazy has said in the video description. I say this is a lovely track my dude! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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