[P@D] 4everfreebrony & Drummershy – Ponies On I-5 | Hard Rock

Well, my first article for P@D Eclipse is one of the most rockin tracks I’ve heard, and it taps into the heart and soul of what makes the art of Rock n’ Roll so good. At track 27, the song takes the theme of taking a road trip in the middle of summer with some of your best pony pals just enjoying the road and the wind in your face and mane. My goodness. For starters, 4everfreebrony owns the highway with his guitar playing. I’ve gotten to know him a bit, and I will tell you that this man loves the sound of classic guitar, and the way he plays on this track really shows off that love. Those sweet riffs and that solo that hits would have the rock gods smiling big. If you really want to know just how good 4FB is on his guitar work…WELL! You found the right song. But the sound of rock is not complete if you don’t have a drummer that brings it. My boi Drummershy is just the dude for that!. Making it into his first real feature on P@D, Drummershy feeds into the mix with percussion that only he could do. A good drummer brings out the very best in any song, any genre. Close your eyes and listen to the rhythm of his beats; Drummershy shows why he is so good, and he adds so much flavor to this rockin’ tune. His understanding of how to make the other aspects of the song that much better is so overlooked by people. To be frank, this right here is why Drummershy has earned his spot one this album. He and 4everfreebrony have such magical chemistry together, and this collaboration really shows just how amazing old fashioned rock and roll is and always will be. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

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