[P@D] Camelia – Start Button | Complextro

Okay, who let Trixie hog the VR headset?! Aside from the cute thumbnail art, this track sure sets the tone for the release of P@D Eclipse. At track 7, we get a song about a unicorn that loves her VR games a bit too much, and she’s dragging poor Starlight Glimmer along for the ride. (If Starlight got this for Trixie then I am sure she has buyer’s remorse right about now!) The music itself is full of classic 8-bit chiptune goodness and some deep, hard-hitting dubstep melodies that are sure to pull anypony into this adventure of platform gaming pony-style. Camelia has really stepped up with this extremely addicting arrangement. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Someone should tell Starlight that her magic would be more broken in a game world, heh…

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