[P@D] NeverLastStanding & loophoof – Delusion | Electro

What a great tribute to Queen Chrysalis! I love the description that NeverLastStanding provided for the video, which explains the ebb and flow of the song between its darker, attacking passages where Chrysalis is at the height of her power and the lighter passages where she is biding her time and waiting to strike again. The song begins with the queen bug horse planning her latest attack and sets the table with lovely atmospheric effects, strings, and vocal chops before launching into a frayed, distorted, pounding melee where the synth waves do so well to personify the waves of changelings. The melodic break is a really great counterpoint to the “evil drops” and harder passages, almost allowing a sense of calm and happiness, but there is always something percolating at the edges of this tale, and it’s not long before the progression ramps up, not once but twice, to its final crescendo. The retention of the more blissful elements before distorting them during the final drop is really effective narratively. Though the song ends on a hopeful note, how long will we all be safe from such a tenacious foe?


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