SCRATON & Vylet Pony – Wireless (PSFMer Remix) | Drum & Bass

You may be familiar SCRATON’s original “Wireless”, which was a mellow, if sombre, track that mixed some great instrumental elements with electronics and (in my opinion) sounded a bit glum before ultimately ending on a few hopeful notes. Vylet’s remix (also redone on her “Fairytales” album) added great vocals and atmospheric elements while upping the tempo, creating a compelling narrative delivered with scintillating urgency. PSFMer takes those outstanding Vylet vocals and combines them with a more subdued approach that is brighter than the original, incorporating a simple but effective bassline, snappy drums, fantastic atmospheric elements, and dreamy synths while making great use of the vocals. I love the layering of vocals throughout the song, and there are a lot of nice touches where they are tweaked to make them meld with the melody, often emerging and fading out, which adds some great depth to the track. The overall delivery is very chill, introspective, and engaging, and I hope that you will give it a listen and enjoy it as well! I would also like to thank PSFMer for the really great description of their process in the YouTube video comment and for linking to the previous versions of this track! Good on ya!


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