TheBluishPony – Wub Wubs | Electro

You know, the use of with pony voices can be very creative and pretty useful if done right. In the case of TheBluishPony, this track seems to pay homage to everyone’s favorite Vinyl Scratch! As the track is titled, there are various types of WUBS in this track. Big one, little ones, rumbling ones, popping ones, vibing ones, crushy ones, all with this smooth and cool baseline to back the track as the wubbing carries on! While I’m not sure what to think of the pony AI characters talking so much trash, the music itself it like all of us reacting to it live, hehe! Overall, this track is smooth and delightful. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “TheBluishPony – Wub Wubs | Electro

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