Thunder Dash – Celestia’s Anthem To The Sun | Pipe Organ Ballad

Now for something very different and pleasant. We don’t get a lot of classy musical scores that pay tribute to Celestia’s character, let alone a score done by a pipe organ! I am not going to lie. It is nice that her character is at last getting a song like this. Let’s put aside for a moment how she was used in the show and focus of her character. Celestia is everything we could want in an all-powerful character. She is wise, she is very beautiful, she is very nurturing and supportive, and she is very powerful with full control of her Alicorn magic! At her core however, she’s just a regular pony. She will talk, guide, and be supportive of anyone that she can help. She is somepony that, through just a conversation, can not only make you feel comforted, warm, and cozy, but also powerful, mighty, and ready for a fight if needed.

The score of this song along with the artwork (WOW!) speaks to these strengths and touches on how precious she really is to a lot of bronies, Thunder Dash has put together something that Celestia’s fans can really just listen to and smile. Just close your eyes and picture yourself in the room with Celestia in all her glory enjoying this song with all of her dear ponies that she loves so very much. As always this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Thunder Dash – Celestia’s Anthem To The Sun | Pipe Organ Ballad

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Very nicely done tribute to Princess Celestia! 😀 The pipe organ was done well and fit the theme and it flowed real smoothly too. 😀 Praise the Sun! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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