Bridull – Cold Brew Coffee | Album | Lo-fi / Chillout

This might seem like an odd suggestion for such a subdued album, but you might want to turn the volume up a little on this one, because it would be a shame to miss any parts of the delicate arrangements on these tracks! This lo-fi/chillout offering follows Applejack as she works her way through a substantial lineup of caffeinated beverages. Bridull (a.k.a. Noizzer) uses a wide array of samples that were created by a group that’s listed in the Bandcamp credits, which I love. It’s apparent from the album’s art and the concern of the barista in the Bandcamp description that Applejack is a little worse for wear, and the introspective nature of these songs certainly reflects that. Let’s take a look at what she’s drinking and hope that she works through whatever is wrong soon!

(Continued after the break)

“Served” – The album kicks off with the sound of a coffee being dispensed from a vending machine, a sound with which I am honestly very familiar. Let the caffeinated libation consumption commence!

“Latte” – (espresso + steamed milk + milk foam) The sound of steady rain opens the track before a sombre melody begins. Some chill percussion then joins in followed shortly after by a subtly groovy bassline. The addition of some mellow piano adds a little urgency as if the rain is falling in waves. So much rain falls that the percussion disappears and the melody gets muddied and rearranged in the middle of the song, which is an awesome effect! When the percussion returns, it’s distorted and echoey, and eventually all of the instrumentals subside leaving nothing but the sound of rain to take us to the close. 

“Doppio” – (espresso double shot) Two drinks in, and the steady rain continues to fall accompanied by this echoey melody and spare percussion.

“Cappuccino” – (espresso shot + steamed milk + milk foam) Record scratches and tinny percussion accompany a piano melody that loses its way mid-song before cutting out completely, only for the arrangement to return in fuller effect accompanied by falling rain. Are the coffees helping Applejack gain some clarity? Perhaps they are, but there’s still a struggle going on as the melody resumes skipping around slightly until the song comes to a close. 

“Affogato” – (espresso poured over vanilla ice cream) A dark tonal melody opens the song along with the seemingly unrelenting rain. The song lopes along, sweet and dark like its namesake, until the melody cuts out and leaves us with only the sounds of rain and rolling thunder. The sound of a squeaky door opening and closing brings us to the close.

“Espresso” – (strong black coffee) The caffeine and weather seem to have taken full effect as the steady hum of low tones are eventually accompanied by an echoey version of another coffee being dispensed.

“Hope everything goes well” – A mellow piano ushers in a slightly peppier arrangement as the rain continues before the song echoes to an end. There is no big resolution, but difficult problems are rarely resolved easily.

Overall I thought that this was an interesting and enjoyable album, and I hope that you check it out and enjoy it as much as I did! Hang in there, Applejack!


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