Frozen Night – Nymerion | Epic Orchestral

Frozen Night’s new release, Nymerion, brims with the promise of heroic adventures that are sure to ignite the inner hero in us all!  Nymerion is the first track to be released from Frozen Night’s upcoming album, Time’s Arrow, which will have its own novel like story and will serve as a prequel to his previous album, Thorn of the Frozen Star. In this story, Nymerion is the capital city of a land of dragons, and the oriental sound design in this piece perfectly fits this concept. A gentle melody flows like epic wind throughout the piece. Peaceful woodwinds backed by majestic strings and choirs create a truly awe-inspiring mood. Seamless transitions between minor and major chords create a sense of a peaceful time gone by, while still hinting at conflict to come. If this is only the first taste of the new album, then we can expect great things to come, and be sure to follow along with the story, as well!


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