Blackened Blue – The Road Less Travelled | Hard Rock

Oh no! Blackened Blue is lost in the desert and losing his mind! Well, at least we get a kick ass rock track out of it! By this point, it should come as absolutely no surprise that one of the premier rockers in the fandom has absolutely crushed the sound of the heyday of hard rock. The driving electric guitar, drums, and bass arrangement is so satisfying to hear. What I like about this straightforward arrangement is that it allows the listener to appreciate how good the instruments sound with lots of reverb goodness and a pleasing openness to the mix. The icing on the angst cake is Blackened Blue’s vocals, which are fantastic and spot on for this style of song, delivering lyrics that have me a little concerned for his well-being. I also love the art used in the accompanying video which really helps pull the viewer into the story. I know that it’s too much to hope for a full “rock band in the scorching desert” music video, but it’s still fun to imagine one! Hope you enjoy listening to this track (at high volume) as much as I do!


2 thoughts on “Blackened Blue – The Road Less Travelled | Hard Rock

  1. I’ve told him this song has a major breaking Benjamin Vibe and he confirmed that’s what inspired this song

    also I’m going to make fun of him for a long time because he’s a fookin Pegasus and you can just fly out of the desert lol

    It’s a good track really good. But it’s all good fund me poking fun of him

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