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This all-out-attack article is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Cynifree.

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(Start of Drake’s Part) 

Does Winter have you down, ponies? Too dang cold to even use your wings or magic to help? Well I have good news: VibePoniez has just dropped their 4th album and let me tell you a few things. First, it strikes me as impressive that while Tw3Lv3 and Steryotype (the two founders of this label) have outstanding tracks on this album of their own; their tracks are not even the stand-outs of Overcast! That’s when you know the album is really well done. The theme of this album is harsh ice and snow of an Equestrian Winter. I have to tell you that the bar has been raised. This album features some of the best lo-fi I’ve heard, some deep and emotional orchestra, some soul and classy jazz, chillstep, future bass and other chill genres! It’s the kind of brony music that makes you want to put a large weighted blanket around you, have a large cup of your favorite hot drink, throw on a pair of headphones and let the vibing tunes of chill and mellow parts of the brony music community warm your hooves, snouts, wings and flanks. Or maybe you’d want to sit by the fire and roast some s’mores. The kinds of tunes that make you think about the warmth that MLP: Friendship is Magic gives our souls when you think about the warm feelings of being a brony. The album is 20 tracks of returning vets, and those that like to remind you that they’re still around. We also have some very new faces that have made this album and long time musicians trying their hands at making chill music! My good friend and teammate Cynifree and I will cover 8 stand-out tracks but honestly, the whole album is worth checking out, trust us. We’re gonna give you just a little taste, like a bowl of homemade beef stew! Let’s have a look!

-Drake’s Featured 4!

Chang31ing – Fireside | Lo-Fi

We start things off with a name that is still around and he is very much still making kickin’ tunes for this fandom – the always entertaining Chang31ing! When this song starts off, it’s like you just came home from school or work, it’s snowing and freezing outside and you just want to warm your hooves by the fire and drink some hot cider. This track sure fits that need. Chang31ling brings that cozy warmth with some delightful and cheerful vibes to warm your bones, The lo-fi vibe with the cute clapping tones and the calming baseline is all you need. Just sit by the fire and relax! Chang31ing, your charm is always welcome in this fandom. Thank you for still making music for this fandom like this.

 SkyShard – Season Fantasy | Hybrid Orchestra

SkyShard is a new face to the Brony music scene. But after listening to this, I’d never have guessed that. When I said there were some impressive scores on this album, this one is a real gem. You close your eyes as this track plays. You’re a young filly or colt walking through the snow covered streets, and you try to keep your ear muffs over your ears and keep yourself from tripping over your scarf, because you see Celestia and Luna have come into your town to tell stories to all the little colts and fillies and share the warmth with you. The sisters hand you hot cocoa as they both lower themselves and interact with you and make you feel special.

When you listen to the score of this track, the use of charming tones from a music box, the magical sounding brass and then these uplifting and warm melodies really make you feel as Sky told me: “The warm and emotional warmth of Equestria and being a brony when you hear this” This kind of music and creative work is why you should keep an eye on SkyShard, my friends. This is music for dreamers. You can really feel this in your soul as you listen to the elements of this score taking you into the hooves of that young child hanging out with Celestia and Luna with bright eyes. Outstanding work in this track!

Power Note – Frostbite |  Chill Orchestral

Man, even making really chill music, Power Note manages to create an epic or legendary feeling. This song was inspired by cover art of the album, and the opening sets the tone of the track. Picture this: you’re walking along in a snowstorm, and the snow’s piled up so high it hits your chest. The keyboard and the very chill but emotional elements of this score paint this picture of a pony just trying to get back home from getting fresh apple pies from AJ to take to your kids, and the snow is coming down calmly, so you push on to get home, and you just take it all in. The 80s-inspired drums are a nice touch at the end. The most awesome part of this song is how this arrangement takes the weather and makes it into something epic. Another good orchestral piece on Overcast and trust me, there is more and they’re awesome as well!

Nyancat380 – Kindness | Lo-Fi

I’ve known Nyancat380 for some time; I‘ve come to know his style of music making, and why this is not the norm of the crazy music he has done over at Equestria Terror Corps. One thing everyone needs to understand about him is how he can make styles and genres work for him. He goes big and bold. This track is about Fluttershy and wow, even when he does lo-fi, I still hear this hard and stylish vibe to the beats that have this raw bass sound to them. My favorite track on the album, what key he is with the hard bass and boom. There are those tones of nature in there, those flute-like elements with the background harmonies, The very gentle beats that go with that bassline and flow. That is were you picture Fluttershy with just her animals having a dance off or hr sitting there clapping her hooves with her animal friends trying to entertaining her, you can even see flutters just having fun and throwing down some bars of her own about nature, maybe even have discord there providing the beats. It’s a really fun song, and something that really stands out on this album. Much love to you my friend of doing lo-fi your style!

-Drake’s other recommendations:

I’d also like to highlight these other songs that will warm your bones. Honestly, the whole album is solid playthrough but do check these out!

-SteryoType – LeNoir
-Donthe11th – Saludos
-Tw3Lv3 – Merry-Go-Round

I now pass this to my good friend Cynifree to continue the musical breakdown of this album! He always has good insight on music; all yours Cynifree!

(End of Drake’s part)

(Start of Cynifree’s part)

Hey guys! I’ve gotta say Vibeponiez is standing out more and more with its album releases! Overcast is no exception and has some top-notch Lo-fi tunes; a staple of the label and like Drake has said before me, it’s no stranger to other fun genres! We’re all about the vibes here and there’s quite a lot to unpack here!

-Cynifree’s featured 4!

Melancholy Radio – Cloudsdale Jazz Club (feat. SeriousDamir) | Jazz

I’ll admit I don’t listen to a lot of Jazz but this one captivated me from the start! ‘Cloudsdale Jazz Club’ makes excellent use of a few instruments vs a cacophony of sections. A groovy bassline, a simple yet tight percussion section and a very mesmerizing piano give way to a scene. A dimly lit Jazz club, and an ominous yet classy mood; Just as I would picture an older Jazz club to be. The vocals add that extra layer of emotion through spoken word in a way that’s delivered in such a way that really sets this apart from many tracks I’ve listened to in the past!

2. BlueBrony – Darling | Lo-Fi

A smooth pensive piece. Slow moving with elegant strings and the rising chimes are mesmerizing just to say a little bit. The vocal cuts are a perfect addition to this elegantly crafted song. At just two minutes and fifty seconds, it’s short but makes use of every second and delivers!

3.Single Purpose – A Bean & His Kyky | Lo-Fi

Here’s another Lo-Fi piece that caught my eye on ‘Overcast’. The percussion is right there in the forefront with a vibey, smooth-yet-gritty action and don’t get me started on the mellow progressions of e-pianos that wrap around your head! The use of pan flutes and assortment of different stringed instruments is both sparingly and very effective! There’s always a new element being introduced and revoked, keeping the mood consistently fresh and rather complex under its smooth surface!

4. Canvas – Dreams | Chillstep

Perhaps my favourite track on the album, Canvas did an excellent job conveying a longing emotion right from the start. The 6/8 feel coupled with the charming chimes stole my heart from the moment I heard them. Once that powerful bassline came in with the sorrowful gliding vocal chops, I can’t put into words how it feels. Floating above the sky in a plane of your own existence, lost in thought. Soaring endlessly watching the world go by in pursuit of something that feels out of reach yet there is a twinkling of hope sprinkled throughout. A goal that will be reached in time. Gushing aside I just really really vibe with this piece and I love it to bits!

-Cynifree’s other recommendations:

If I had to recommend a couple other songs, it would have to be both The Empty Tomb’s Between Dreams and Colty’s Forest at 2AM. The former a smooth yet powerful future bass track filled with tons of atmosphere, and the latter being a rather melancholic and organic tune that really fits its name to a T!
One last piece I’d like to draw attention to is Periwinkle’s Ethereal. A charming liquid DnB piece that’s sweet and catchy and takes me back!

(End of Cynifree’s part)

Thanks Cynifree, your musical insight is always a joy to listen to. My man is the master of ambient so if anyone knows about chill music, it’s him! That was just a little taste of the album. There’s so many songs that we did not talk about, so listen to all of this and decide your favorite chill songs. This was the best album VibePoniez has done to date, but hey, as always, this Qilin and this pineapple loving batpony ask you to judge for yourself and find your own chill.


One thought on “VibePoniez – Overcast | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    This was a chilling album to listen to. 🙂 I enjoyed just about all of the songs, and they were well put together and fitting for winter and being closed up indoors.

    Tracks five and eight were both my favorites on the album, but everyone else did well on their pieces. As did the reviewers on this page. 🙂

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