Glimm – Illuminate My Night | Happy Hardcore

Different song, different princess, different genre! Glimm, a newcomer to the brony music scene. Slides right into the groove with the 2nd track of their Princess EP album. We had Cadenza with Hyper Pop for Princess Cadence. This track, however takes the interesting choice of Happy Hardcore to the theme of Princess Luna as odd as this sounds for her character. We are treated to this bouncy and hyperactive message of poor Luna being trapped on the moon. I have to admit it is quite catchy; Glimm trying to sing for the first time has this playful and hopeful tone to the lyrics as the harmonies have this space-like echo to them, full of spunk and high octane energy! It’s an entertaining track. Please encourage Glimm to keep working hard and encourage them with love. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “Glimm – Illuminate My Night | Happy Hardcore

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    This was quite an energetic track concerning Luna being trapped on the moon. Glimmy did a good job with the vocals, too. 🙂


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