MathematicPony – Just Waiting (Redux) | Piano Pop

(Listen to the original here!)
Today seems to be a day of me being a brony that is finding new artists. Yes, Mathematicpony is known in the fandom, but hearing something like this redux is perfect for those like me that have not! Hearing a musician’s growth in remakes or redux gives your honest perspective on their talent and passion. MathematicPony sings from Twilights perspective on that faithful first train ride in the season five premiere heading to Starlight’s village, as the princess of friendship for the first time.
The lyrics do set the tone for the rest of the series of looking back. Many fans wondered what would next after the season 4 finale! It where you hear a much more improved composition that adds to the wonder of what’s to come. More drum and orchestra elements that amp of the emotion of excitement that we all felt back then as bronies. Like Twilight, we all did not know where things would take us back in 2015. Improved vocals and mixing along with the core of this song, those smooth keyboard melodies. The song talks about growth and still learning, always looking forward to better days and wonders. What’s fitting is the new vibe of this song plays into things the come, and we all know what Twilights destiny was when it was all said and done at the season 9 finale! MathematicPony well done with the treat of redux and showing how much you have grown in six years. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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