Violin Melody – Lacuna | Ambient

This piece by Violin Melody is something else. Vio, as a musician and person, has breathtaking talent. I, as one of her close friends, will tell you first hand. It’s feeling and emotion; You hear it when she does an uplifting trance song, and when trying her hand at Ambient, You hear the story. In the early MLP comics, There was an arc about Nightmare Rarity. For anyone that has read that. Then your know that Rarity gave into her self-doubt and changed into Nightmare Rarity. The message of that comic and this track by Vio greatly blur the lines of Violin’s real-life struggles with self-esteem and worth. Something I can tell you very real. As you listen to this serene composition, like Rarity, Violin with friends such as myself helped her understand her worth and how much she valued by us. Rarity was able to break away from Nightmare Rarity after understanding that Twilight and her friends were there for her. This whole composition with so serene, tranquil, tells that story very well with its soft and gentle emotion and this feeling of a spiritual understanding of yourself. It better if you listen for yourself and hear what I speak of. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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