Algo at All – Life is Better With You (2021 Rework) | Alternative Electronic

It’s always wonderful to see a musician grow and improve their craft, and this song is such a great example of that. Algo at All has done an amazing job of completely reworking their original track, a fun, lighthearted tune featuring great vocal chops from everyone’s favorite party pony and her song “Pinkie’s Present“. This reworked version opens with some gentle synths and pulsing, distorted bass, setting up a light melody before the vocal chops drift and pulse into the mix. The processed vocals pair amazingly with the arrangement, and when the laidback percussion kicks in and the melody comes to the foreground the listening experience is like getting a warm hug. There are some great chiptune vibes throughout the track as the arrangement keeps morphing into new, delightful forms that make me feel simultaneously nostalgic and hopeful for the future, fitting for a track that embraces the past while moving ever forward. What a lovely present.


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