SpinScissor – Never Everfree | Downtempo

Do you miss music from the heydays of EDM? xD Well, you’re in luck, because so does SpinScissor!  Opening with a great synth and bass combo, the super processed arrangement is soon joined by appropriately processed vocals that drift through the menacing mist of the Everfree Forest as the protagonists flee from unknown terror. The track lopes along as if it’s stalking its subjects, creating tension through a menacing bassline accompanied by wonderful synth melodies that swirl and climb dramatically. The song ends on a lighter note, but the frightened ponies aren’t out of the woods yet! Do they make it safely to their destination, or are they lost forever to the incomprehensible creatures lurking in the darkness? All I know is that I enjoyed this story, and I wouldn’t mind some more!


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