TCB – Just Downed Another Cider, Boutta Ghost Ride The ’02 Ranger (feat. GeekBrony) | Future Bass

Inspiration truly can come from everywhere. TCB Built this fantastic tune around a sample that GeekBrony posted to Twitter, and it’s astounding that a 15 second clip posted on Twitter would spawn such an epic tune! The song emerges from the ether, whirring to life with some spacey and textured synths, slowly coalescing until the remixed sample kicks in, and then it hits with a wagonload of TCB goodness. The glitches are as scrumptious as cider, and the vocal chops from “Applejack’s Lullaby” mix beautifully with the synth melody. Then the strings kick in with some impactful drum beats adding a wonderful emotional weight as they are combined with a longer chop. The build up to the drop is delightfully subtle, but the drop is full-on, adding a new, high synth melody that ups the emotional amplitude. The cider really starts to hit after the drop as the arrangement thins out and distorts like a bad day at a carnival. Kudos to the artists for this fantastic creative effort!


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