Brilliant Venture Presents NeighGative_ – A Place In A Different Time | Trance

Sometimes an album comes along that resonates with my musical soul and forces me to really soak it in. This is one such album, and it takes me back to my early days of finding personally meaningful music on the internet. A big genre for me at that time was trance. There’s something uniquely emotional and energizing about the genre, and it’s so wonderful to be reconnected with it as I have been here. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a trance fan or whether you continue reading this article or not, YOU ABSOLUTELY OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM. The songs are ridiculously amazing and are chock full of pony goodness. Seriously, go get it now, and if you want to hang out with me in the rundown below, then come on back, but at the very least GET THIS MUSIC and then give the amazing creator behind it a big ol’ hoof bump, because they deserve it. Thank you from the bottom of my musical heart. ❤

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Still here? Sweet. Let’s go! Oh, and YouTube links are everywhere (here’s the album playlist for good measure)! Follow them to cool videos!

“Sensations (Intro Mix)” pulses to life, building slowly behind the melody before dropping in a pounding beat. The arrangement subsides, and then the glorious vocal chops kick in, which will be mightily appreciated by old school horse music fans who enjoy the use of chops to build a melody. The track definitely fulfills its goal of being an homage to both classic Trance and classic Pony music!

“Sweet Awakening” launches right into the beat and makes use of some nice atmospheric elements and synths to create a lively sound field. The drum machine supports the lighter, sometimes chippy synth melody. That melody’s continuation into a build up behind rising percussion is a great moment. The arrangement subsides later only to build back up through that euphoric trance beat, quickening percussion, and hand claps, and it’s a beautiful moment. I also need to give some extra love for the fadeout followed by the atmospheric build up where the percussion pushes increasing energy into the mix before distorted synths join in and buzz the song to a close.

“Froliq” opens with a cool “underwater club” vibe and slinks its way along until introducing a chop from “Morning in Ponyville“, and the result evokes the sensation of taking in the sunrise with a cup of coffee and a shot of adrenaline. The opening melody gets layered in with the chopped melody and creates wonderful depth and danceable energy.

Lost Enchantment” begins with a spare beat and melody, building slowly through bits of chops and synth melodies before splicing in extended chops from a bunch of songs. The effect is interesting and energizing, creating a shifting soundscape inspired by the unpredictable Everfree Forest!

Syncope (feat. SpinScissor)” opens with shifting synths and ambience that creates a murky environment before a pulsing beat joins in. The arrangement lightens as SpinScissor’s vocals join in (woo!), gently supporting them as the story of somepony called into leadership despite their uncertainties unfolds. As the protagonist resolves to take on this challenge the arrangement kicks into high gear by adding driving electric guitar and pumping up the energy. If you need to get something done today, make this song part of your soundtrack!

Finally Together Again” is about reuniting after difficulty, and the wonderful emotion of those circumstances really shines through. Sweet synths and chops are supported by perfect trance percussion. The chops go right for the feels and work so well with the melody, and the full effect is pure bliss.

A Place In A Different Time” is, quite honestly, a reason to have ears in and of itself. It opens with a kind of dark tone courtesy of the synth/percussion combination, and then a flipping BAGPIPE LEAD kicks in with traditional drum style percussion. And then the Pinkie vocal chops from “The Laughter Song” explode into the song and take it to a level that songs rarely achieve by both following the original chop melody and also bending the chops to fit the song. The arrangement stays super groovy when the chops drop out with buzzy synths punctuated by bursts of echoey percussion (which is accompanied by a really cool, time-themed effect in the YouTube video). The rest of the progression is pure bliss, alternating from light and ethereal to bass-heavy, and the whole dang thing is just begging to be pumped through the speakers of a dance club.

Town of Opaline (feat. MathematicPony)” (along with its amazing visualizers in the YouTube video) lopes along for a bit before building up to introduce MathematicPony’s fantastic vocals, ebbing and flowing like a swirl of memory. The story is contemplative as the singer remarks on an instance of beautiful harmony they have just witnessed, and the lovely melodies and rhythms encourage the listener to share this vision and get lost in the enthralling possibility of harmonious existence. It’s a fitting ending to an album celebrating trance for its ability to unite and include anyone with a heart and mind open to getting lost in resonant rhythms.

Thanks for reading. Go get the album. Give the artist all of the love. Be good to yourself and each other. Much love to you all!


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