PumpkinZ – Black Night | Drumfunk

PumpkinZ delivers a delightfully atmospheric and groovy track with this drumfunk effort! The shimmering opening synths pair with the background art to transport the listener into a night scene that feels alive and energizing like a summer night full of possibilities. A lively melody with a folky feel combines with a groovy bassline and quick percussion, and we’re off on an adventure! The rise into the drop has a cool “bottle filling to the top” vibe, and the chorus brings in some sweet chops at the perfect time. The quieter parts that follow have their own variation on the melody, bringing the percussion in and out, teasing at some as-yet intangible possibility. This is a really well-constructed song with a super catchy melody and delightful groove, so please check it out, and big thanks to the artist for seeing the creation of the song through to the end!


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