Osoch – Gonna Be My Day (Cover) | Metal

For those of you that happen to join the fandom after watching the G5 movie, Welcome to this crazy fandom and the brony music scene, we’ve been around LOL. If this is your first taste of brony music, Then your got yourself a real treat. One of our fandom’s resident guitar gods Osoch, flex’s his musical talent with this cover. Oh my, and I didn’t think this be this Epic but it is!. How in the Equestria do you amp up the energy and message of this song? Well, in this man’s case throwing down some sweet hard punch-filled guitar and drum work! This man knows his production skill to make Sunny’s message sound even more magical and fill with the sweet sound of METAL! He even plays with the words with his sounds. Pay attention to the part where Sunny talks about inside and walls. He is pretty slick there!
On top of that is a taste of his guitar solo bliss, which is so good and adds to this track’s fantastic structure. Just listen to it you will not be disappointed if you like Metal and hard rock! Osoch, you killed this! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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