Harmonic Six – On The Fringe | Alternative Electronic

Harmonic Six pays tribute to Babs Seed, the fourth Cutie Mark Crusader and founder of the CMC Manehattan branch, with this delightful tune! It opens with chops from the episode “One Bad Apple”, with Babs and the CMC’s reconciling after their differences during the episode. Gentle acoustic guitar accompanies the chops before a lovely bassline joins in, and the guitar shifts to a lively melody. The introduction of percussion, xylophone, and gentle keys and woodwinds in the second half fills out the arrangement and give this song a wonderful soundtrack quality. It really sounds like it could be from an episode! The tone of the track perfectly fits the heartfelt camaraderie and playfulness of the group, echoed by the video’s background, a screencap from the episode. It’s a beautiful tribute to the character and a burst of positive energy that would make the CMC’s proud!


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