Snow Swirl – City in the Sky | Future Garage

So do you guys remember the song Dreamy Sky by Snow Swirl? Meet its sister track city in the Sky! Man, you ever really wanted to hear and feel like you’re a Pegasi over the clouded skylines of Cloudsdale. You’ve found the right track here. This very airly and ambiance theme glides right over you. The same could be said in busy skies over Zephyr heights in G5! it fits the same theme. Just close you’re eyes and feel these melodies in your wings as you can feel the other Pegasi around you, flying and these soft keyboard tones with the breath of Sky with this slight mythical hum to the baseline. You think the energy of both cities in G4 and G5 is hustling along, with a taste of ethereal as it is heavily in the Sky above. It’s a beautiful, even freeing experience as I believe you had intended it to be Snow Swirl! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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