Koron Korak – Applejack is so Busy at the Farm | Country Rock

Ok, first of all, before I get into the music, This video is fantastic. Green Screening yourself in the video to perform the song with an overlapping clip of the show! Koron, that was cool with a double image of yourself playing along!
As for the music, you may hear some Applejack Stage music vibes from Fighting is Magic with the banjo and hard rock guitar combo inspiration. It fits due to what this song is about the Episode “AJ’s day off” how she can’t seem to pull herself away from her work. This song is fast with how the melodies work with each other. Oh, that excellent violin of Koron’s gives this song just the correct country energy to fit everything else. The song is short but packs a lot going on in that time frame for a busy mare with too much to do! The video presentation was charming and only added to how fun this track is! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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