Sofia Carson – Glowin’ Up (Yellow Tune Remix) | Electro House

After a long wait, the movie kicking off Generation 5 of our favorite series has at last been released.  This new generation features a host of unique equines, inspiring adventures and, of course, plenty of new music.  In this community, MLP releasing new music is basically equivalent to sending out a call to all brony musicians, saying “Hey, remix me! You know you want to!” Brony musicians have enthusiastically answered the call, with remixes popping up left and right, including Yellow Tune’s upbeat remix of Sofia Carson’s/Pipp Petals’ “Glowin’ Up.”  Yellow Tune, also known as 174UDSI, has been producing epic electronic music since the early days of the fandom and is well known for his remixes of both show and fandom songs, as well as production of his own original music and sporting releases on popular fandom labels, such as Ponies at Dawn. This veteran musician has wasted no time in lending his talents to the rapid expansion of MLP G5 music in this remix of the original pop song into an up-tempo dance track that features energetic piano, drums, and synth work coupled with fun melodies.  This remix is sure to get you dancing just as much, and maybe more, than the original. This track will inspire you to put on your dancing shoes for a whole new generation of pony music!

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