Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (Simonat Remix) | Electro

Alright, hehe, I always look forward to remixes of this song. Just from a pure style standpoint, the structure of this track plays with vocals chops little with the placement, especially with Hitch’s to give this bit more charm. Oh, and the slow down of the lyrics and the slow up and down of the buzz of those nodes and melodies, very lovely going with the positive energy of Izzy’s and Sunnies vocals, will have you moving for sure. The critical thing is that this remix builds on the message of this song. You hear the lyrics more profound. The wholesome message of looking past your nose and worldview, discovering the things you hear about others is just that a story. The joys of finding there’s more than meets the eye (yes, I when there, LOL) learning new cultures that are strange to you. Now you add this Electro smooth and groove beat to this song, and it not only becomes fun but downright addictive to not listen to more than once; oh, and the slight change to Izzy’s rap lyric was done well, did not miss a beat! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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