Koron Korak – Missing Heart | Dark Ambient

This track may surprise those only familiar with Koron Korak’s more recent fare, which has been a joyful exploration of pony goodness, but the artist has long been adept at channeling any emotion into their music. The description of this song as an outlet for the artist’s darkest feelings at their lowest point makes a lot of sense, and the image of Cadence literally missing her heart perfectly embodies this sentiment. The distorted, synth-driven opening growls fair warning at you, and the echoey percussion, ambient rumbles, screeches, haunting vocal effects, and dark keys are perfect accompaniments. The percussion simulates a misfiring heart before unsteadying effects herald an actual, faint heart beat, creeping into the song before dying out. It’s dark stuff, but it’s incredibly well-done, and we can all be thankful both for this incredible encapsulation of despair and that the artist is in a better space now.


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