Altius Volantis – Flutterfright | Hardcore

Altius Volantis has contributed a frightful Nightmare Night tune, and the effort is much appreciated! The track opens with some Flutterchops over a spooky melody, and the progression ramps up intensity by layering in additional synths before adding some percussion that could be footsteps on the path behind you…or maybe just the wind? Another Fluttershy chop and some rumbling bass introduces a shift to a more stripped down but no less intense arrangement before Fluttershy screams “RUN!” and the drop hits. Things go really off the rails at this point as the intensity skyrockets and the background image shifts, and you can really hear the artist’s fondness for tracks coming through here. A return to a calmer delivery just sets the listener up for more madness, and the track wraps up with a Rainbow Dash cackle, letting us know that everything will (probably) be okay. The experience made me wish that I was enjoying this song as part of a Headless Horse album, but I’m glad that an alumnus of the label stepped up with this ripper of a track that channels the spoopi elements of the holiday in such a wonderful way!


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