Power Note – Faithful | Melodic Drumstep

Power Note brings us this incredible and completely emotional track about Twilight Sparkle and her duty to be the new princess in equestria! The song unfolds with a somewhat melancholic and delicate piano, an arpeggio is heard, accompanying the nostalgic chords that the piano is marking. Little by little more instruments are introduced including spirited drums and a synthesizer. After a brief pause where only the piano remains for a moment, we get a slow buildup that persists as if it represents an unreachable past. Then we hit the exciting, nostalgic drop, conveying a feeling of epic melancholy, with an aggressive dubstep bass, vocal chops from Twilight’s voice , powerful leads, energizing battery and an enveloping melody. The whole track reminds me a lot of the songs of the golden era of the bronies, and is a truly faithful ode to the show – so please check it out!


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