Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Seventh Element Remix) | Drum & Bass

It’s always interesting hearing everyone’s approach to these remixes. Seventh Element takes the original and pushes up the tempo, creating a greater sense of urgency. The opening keys combine with new synths, percussion, and effects to create a reverby, bubbly beginning, and then the strings kick in as the song builds into the chorus. The arrangement feels like it’s winding up for a big emotional punch, but instead we get a bubbly, peppy chorus that bounces merrily along. It’s a great combination, and the song flows along really nicely with some fun tweaks after the bridge that give it this great, chippy vibe without getting crunchy. It all makes for a lively pick-me-up of the tune that keeps the positive vibes of the original while doing its own thing.


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