Maddie Tourmaline – Princess Tiffany | Progressive Rock 

This is an awesome concept realized with breathtaking execution! Noble disagreement simmers amongst a group of Pony princesses on a boring, beautiful summer day in Paradise. The shared designs of the budding royals are related over a dreamy soundscape of gentle acoustic instrumentation which is paced by calibrated percussion, accented by light ambience, and crowned by silky sweet vocals. The instrumentation choices are ridiculously fantastic throughout the song, and the little nudges and rumbles of bass throughout hint at lurking danger. The progression percolates impressively to life, especially at the antagonist’s entrance. The arrangement darkens, and synth melodies swirl and soar before the bass-heavy downfall of the kingdom. I hope that you enjoy this journey as much as I did–I would love a whole album of this fantastic musical storytelling!

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