Sylvver – The Wingpony | Big Room House

Based on the competition that Rainbow Dash had with Lightning Dust in the classic episode 7 of the 3rd season, Sylvver set the fire up with this banger! including that cool rave vibes, and an energetic super saw melody, Sylvver imagines the intensity of those two big friends that fought to see who is better, and to see who can be the best… The track starts with a strong beat set by a kick, and some percussive synths that make you know the whole feeling of the song. Succeeding that energetic and punchy intro, we land into a breakdown, where we can hear how the main melody (made of a gritty and rough lead) grows, and a deep and potent sub-bass, accompanied by the robust chords, makes the way along. After that gorgeous breakdown, a buildup is preparing us for the drop, and I have to admit, the drop hits harder than I thought! Showing the melody in all its glory and epicness, all together into a full symphony of cool synths. This banger is perfect for those crazy rave parties and festivals full of energy and power! It even makes you wanna jump at the rhythm of the beat. Undoubtedly, Sylvver has made a great track, so please, go and listen to this song and be sure to support her, she is a very great an underrated producer!


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