brambleshadow4 – In Harmony (feat. SpinScissor) | Indie Pop

brambleshadow4 and SpinScissor have teamed up to create this super sweet tune that bridges the gap between G4 and G5! Argyle (SpinScissor) shares Equestrian lore and lessons in friendship with Sunny, and it’s nice to have this moment where the importance of the G4 heroes is passed along. The story is musically driven by light arrangements that echo the love between the characters and the love that is present in the stories they share. The strings at the opening help set the emotional hook, and then the string melody, and light percussion pull your heart into the song. When the arrangement fills out with punchy bass and synth keys it has a “small band at a summer festival” vibe. The vocals match perfectly to the arrangement, delivered with a tender confidence throughout, and the little harmony at the end of the song is a nice touch. This song is a big ol’ hug for your ears and your heart, and I hope that you enjoy this sweet story as much as I did!


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