Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Enermatrix Remix) | Hooves Up

Enermatrix has taken a whack at this highlight track from the G5 movie, and the result is awesome! The opening synth keys, pulsing beat, and nicely balanced kicks get the party started off right, and then things really take off as the additional synth track joins in and adds a high energy depth heading into the drop. Also, the percussion distorts, pitches up, and then pitches down going into the drop with this cool effect that sounds a bit like an electronic device running out of battery. Never fear, though, because the drop is surging with positive energy, and that energy level stays pumped up through the next verse. When it drops off, it gets some support from some fun chops and effects, and then really builds during the bridge, continuing a really unique progression through the song. The decision to replace the really high vocal run at the end of the bridge with a drop keeps the song delivery even and consistent without sacrificing the energy that’s been built up. It’s a wonderful and original remix effort, and I hope you’ll join me in dancing (flailing) along!


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