Daniel Ingram – What More Is Out There (Pagan Pegasus Remix) | Future Bass

I’m always happy when a Daniel Ingram song gets remix love, so I am delighted to be able to introduce you to this tune! Pagan Pegasus has taken the original’s pensive acoustic arrangement and given it an awesome twist. Shifting the song to a lower key, pitching down the vocals, replacing the gentle acoustic guitar lead with an electric guitar, and backing it with an electric bass gives the song a killer alternative vibe. The future bass arrangement then joins in, and we’re merrily on our way through the first verse. But why make future bass if you’re not going to throw in a sick drop? Exactly. The drop is indeed of the sickness, flowing nicely from the build up, but my favorite part is what I’m going to call the “poneiano” synth that percolates to the fore of the arrangement in the build up and then takes center stage in the drop (backed by tasty bass). It’s like that kid’s cat piano toy that “meows” all the notes, but beefed up and matched to the remix vocals (and obviously not meowing… Okay, you know you’d buy a piano that was Twilight’s head with keys for teeth. I cannot be alone on this). Also, the background art is fantastic and was drawn by the artist themself! Much love for that and for this fantastic musical effort!

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