Evgeniy Doctor – Hibernation | Electro House

It’s pretty funny that Evgeniy Doctor based this song on Benny Benasi’s “Satisfaction” (don’t follow that link if you’re at work!) considering how different the subject matter is, but it works! The track opens with cymbals and a buzzy synth line and quickly gets into some great house percussion. Some excellent vocal chops set up the track’s story, and the insistent vibe of the track is explained as Rainbow Dash stresses out about Tank’s need to hibernate. I love the “hibernation” Flutterchop that is used for a bit of vocal melody–it’s a hilarious parallel to the “satisfaction” lyric from the inspiring track. There is some nice depth to the mix and satisfying synth design throughout the song, and the arrangement keeps the energy high and dynamic. I was expecting this song to be a lot more chill when I saw the background art, but I didn’t mind being surprised! Add this track to the holiday playlist!


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