BGM – The Tale of Trixie | Orchestral Metal

BGM has given us another fine pony tune, and this time their chosen subject is the most great and powerful pony in all the land basically ever–Trixie! The song opens with a gentle acoustic guitar that gives the impression that this song has a tale to tell in classic troubadour style. The guitar is soon joined by vocals that set the scene for Trixie’s arrival in Ponyville (accompanied by lyrics in the video!). The harmonized vocal tracks are awesome, and I love the use of the second track and the shift to the lower key to emphasize the conflict brewing between Trixie and someone (you’ll never guess who) in the Ponyville crowd. The full orchestral metal arrangement is totally epic and matches the lyrics perfectly. I won’t spoil the story, but it’s fair to say that some liberties have been taken in the retelling of events. It’s an epic tail told with suitable aplomb and is basically the most incredible, amazing, humble song ever. You will enjoy it. A lot.


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