Ocean Melody – Twilight’s Requiem | Lyre Solo

Sometimes it’s good to just relax and meditate on some music, and there are few things more soothing than the delicate strings of the lyre! Ocean Melody has created another lovely piece in their series of lyre songs inspired by the fanfic “Background Pony“. It’s awesome when folks create music based on written works and create a soundtrack to pair with the story. The whole song is performed using a lyre with a little ambience¬†sprinkled in to enhance the mood. There’s a calm melancholy to the piece, and I enjoy the way that a consistent melody is often used to back more plucky passages, like memories trying to emerge from the constant noise of a normal stream of consciousness. I found that this narrative fit the song’s role in the fanfic, and I enjoyed the song’s interesting progression. Kudos to the artist for their continued exploration of this theme! Also, the fanfic seems like a good read, so probably check that too out if you’re curious and have some time.


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