Alan Schmuckler – Danger, Danger (Pagan Pegasus Remix) | Future House

Today we’ve got ourselves a newcomer to the brony music scene! Pagan Pegasus brings us this amazing remix of the MLP: A New Generation movie song “Danger, Danger”, and, sweet Celestia, it’s awesome, so let’s gets straight into it! We start straight into the EDM vibes with a crash joining the lyrics, but in the beginning Pagan Pegasus still keeps mostly to the original rock instrumental, which is a welcome bit of variety when you compare it to other remixes. The build up in this song is also refreshingly simple–we just get a little vocal loop and an audible cue for “stuff’s about to go down”. And then we get to the drop! I love the drop–it’s unapologetic Future House fun and works perfectly with Alan Schmuckler’s amazing vocals. We then get a background beat after we get out of the drop, but we can still hear the original instrumental shining through. This is something you don’t see very often, and it really works well to make this remix stand out. Next we come to my favourite part of this remix–we get a classical build up, then the build up does a fake out and brings us not into the drop but instead out of EDM territory and into the clap rhythm of the original, and then we get the drop. To quickly talk about the build up to the drop–there isn’t any! We get the “My name’s Rob” line and then just jump straight into the drop, which is a gamble strategically because it might not always work, but Pagan Pegasus pulls it off expertly! This amazing second drop is where we end this wonderful masterpiece!
Proofread by theCANderson, give some love to him!


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