Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (Pone177 Remix) | Drum & Bass

The movie remixes keep coming. So far I have loved all of them, and this song isn’t breaking that trend–on the contrary, this is one of the greatest yet! We start right into this track with a beat and vocal loop and not by fancily fading in elements one at a time, which is a change I very much appreciate. Then when you think you hear the build up happen you actually don’t get a drop; rather we get sort of an interlude that leads us into the lovely vocals from the amazing Kimiko Glenn. Then we actually get to the wonderful build ups and the amazing drop, and oh my is it awesome! We get the usual DnB elements, but we also get a pretty prevalent melody that’ll stick in your head for a while. Within the drop we get to the next part of the lyrics, and we get out of the drop with this amazing vocal fade out. In this next bit of vocals we actually get this awesome echo effect applied to the vocals, and I swear, having the words “unicorn butts” echo in your ears is one of the most fun experiences I have had while listening to music in a good while! I was curious how PONE177 would combine rap vocals with DnB, and I was very much impressed as this wonderful combination blessed my ears. As the rap part ends we get a vocal fade out into the build up, and I already mentioned how much I love the drops! This awesome drop keeps going strongly as the vocals unexpectedly fade into a repeat of the last few lines before actually ending the song, like a unicorn does
Proofread by theCANderson, give some love to him for making my writing look better than it actually is!


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