Daniel Ingram – Under Our Spell (Kaida Bootleg) | Hybrid Orchestral

With G5 here, who says we can’t have some fire remixes of old tunes! I love listening to new remixes of EQG: Rainbow Rocks music, and this one is great! We start by slowly fading in all the elements, something a lot of people do but that is hard to do well, and Kaida is one of the musicians who do it really well! As we get our first build up we move more into the electronic space as a drum build up takes over from the orchestral drums. Before we hit our drop we get a small part where the instrumental goes quiet for just a second so the vocals are highlighted, and then we move into this gem of a drop! The drop combines elements of both Orchestral and EDM making for a great combination that probably shouldn’t work but does! Afterwards we go back to more orchestral-leaning elements before moving into this awesome build up/drop combo! We end this masterpiece quite fittingly on the evil laugh, just like in the original!
Proofread by theCANderson, go show him some love!


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